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27 October 2012




“A thin line separates freedom from slavery”


Amazing picture



24 October 2012

Today I have three thoughts:

Someone asked Syria activists:
What is the state that received the largest number of Syrian refugees during the revolution?
They replied: It’s heaven



An awful picture of the bread queues


And finally, anyone remember that old man – the oldest fighter in the revolution…His name was Haj Ali Soluyman.  He formed the Lovers of Mustafa Battalion consisting of his children and grandchildren in Aleppo.  Well, he died, but at least he died fighting for something he believed in, to protect the people he loved, and make his world a better place.


Ok, if you can see this, you’re probably British, so if you can, give to this cause – it’s entirely for basic humanitarian supplies.  A lot of the people dying do so for lack of basic supplies, like gauze and bandages, so some of our amazing doctors are heading over there to try and help. https://www.facebook.com/mosaicsy  or http://www.mosaicsyria.org/about-us/who-are-we

A UK Aid Convoy (part of the Syria Mosaic Initiative) will be leaving this October!This convoy is to take off from Manchester on 30 October 2012.The collaborative UK Aid Convoy of 8 Ambulances and 3 Vans will be delivering:New winter clothes, Blankets, Medical equipment and the like.  Donate if you can.

Militants (the Farouk Batalion have been named?) brought fuel, doused the cathedral and set it alight on the 13th September.


This picture is from the webpage of the Palmyra Local Coordination Committee.  An activist rides along with the World Heritage Site of Palmyra in the background.  Heritage never dies, never fades away: it is a part of the present, which too many people forget.

Pictures from Syria 26 September 2012

boys, shells and flower

(Google Again!)
Not amazed…Yes… These shells loaded death at us
We decorate her with small roses today, and <name?> places beautiful flowers where there was gunpowder,
We give life … After decades of death … Will wake up one day ….And see what was wronged.  As I did.

bread and destruction

Another powerful image
“We are staying here, we will reconstruct with olive trees.
We are staying here, with the minarets of Umayyad Damascus, and our hands are Salahuddin’s swords”

Syria: Thoughts from today (or, a war in pictures)

These pictures are things I came across – things that speak of war, and of people, and they have nothing to do with heritage, but it felt wrong just to let them slip past without comment…

I’m starting with my favourite.  I think it’s a lovely picture.  When I saw it, I thought of the words of Gertrude Bell (1907)

“No words can convey the charm of it, nor the magic of the Syrian Spring”.
And by all accounts, it should be magical, not the horrible Arabic spring we think of now…

In the background is Crac Des Chevalier, which Lawrence of Arabia described as
“perhaps the best preserved and most wholly admirable castle in the world”

This is what the Syrian spring ought to mean…

crak des chevaliers spring


This one, I think, really captures the strength of human spirit – a little girl sat in the rubble with her book, carrying on…


An approximate translation of the accompanying text (thank you Google!)
“Amid the devastation,
holding a pen and booklet,
and drowning in her world away from everything that surrounds them…
She is the pen…
<?> curiosity…
Why write???
But enough they look to have learned
It is full of steadfastness and perseverance … The challenge … And determination
is the seat of the strongest schools…
School Revolution


And in Homs, during a blockade which has lasted for more than a hundred days, children collect bread in the rubble.
The accompanying text reads “Did humanity die or chivalry become extinct?”


This one I’m not going to post.  It’s graphic, but no-where near as graphic as many of the pictures I’ve seen today of death, mutilation and devastation.  It stands as a testament to all of the dead and dying I saw today: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152232509875727&set=a.10150397575815727.619133.420796315726&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf


And all the dead were someone’s loved one.  This one struck me because of the accompanying text… (according to Bing and Google translate – it’s probably not very accurate, but I think the sentiment is carried)

Yasmina death

“A small single-bud … I have offered to her love and affection, and she grows up to its viewers every day.  Even the blooming spring aroma smells of of Yasmina Hamia.

She did not know that bullets of treachery would be closer to her dreams … And that someday those tears that have stayed shed, will be in an hour farewell tears and pain. Goodbye for ever.

~The parent of the martyr Captain Abir Subhi the 36 year old … Deposited by her daughter, who cited a sniper in Damascus on Thursday 20/9/2012….
And lastly, for all the little children, because she is so small, and so cute, and she could be anyone’s child…

“And still to the daughter of detainee Chaabal Ibrahim, awaiting the resturn of her father who was kidnapped by a gang of terrorists a year ago. ”

detainees daughter

I don’t really know what the point of this post is, other than it’s too much to keep inside my head on its own.