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17 November 2012

“In this place we played, when we were young children, and we enjoyed a coffee, and the smell of jasmine, and the voice of Fairouz … and here it will be after Assad reforms.
We will come back soon to drink coffee, and this will be the finest and best time, becauase it will taste of freedom.”



this doesn’t really have much to do with anything other than to make me twitch / facepalm

“Pro-Assad page claims Syria and Iran engineered Hurricane Sandy”

24 October 2012

Today I have three thoughts:

Someone asked Syria activists:
What is the state that received the largest number of Syrian refugees during the revolution?
They replied: It’s heaven


An awful picture of the bread queues


And finally, anyone remember that old man – the oldest fighter in the revolution…His name was Haj Ali Soluyman.  He formed the Lovers of Mustafa Battalion consisting of his children and grandchildren in Aleppo.  Well, he died, but at least he died fighting for something he believed in, to protect the people he loved, and make his world a better place.


Ok, if you can see this, you’re probably British, so if you can, give to this cause – it’s entirely for basic humanitarian supplies.  A lot of the people dying do so for lack of basic supplies, like gauze and bandages, so some of our amazing doctors are heading over there to try and help.  or

A UK Aid Convoy (part of the Syria Mosaic Initiative) will be leaving this October!This convoy is to take off from Manchester on 30 October 2012.The collaborative UK Aid Convoy of 8 Ambulances and 3 Vans will be delivering:New winter clothes, Blankets, Medical equipment and the like.  Donate if you can.

15 October 2012

As if those poor refugees didn’t have enough problems.  I’ve seen other camps wrecked by sandstorms, and now the winter rains are starting.  I don’t think they thought they’d be gone this long.


Translation of accompanying text reads
“Wondering dolls . what is the purpose of their existence if they are without children.”


But on a happier note:

9th October 2012

“And if we are outside the boundaries of the nation .. you will not take our determination, and will not calm down our revolution .. and if we suffer .. We will remain with you …”

Football – because some things are apparently global, no matter what the circumstances…

I ought to have something intelligent to say about this one, but I don’t…


Syria is a beautiful country…