24 October 2012

Today I have three thoughts:

Someone asked Syria activists:
What is the state that received the largest number of Syrian refugees during the revolution?
They replied: It’s heaven



An awful picture of the bread queues


And finally, anyone remember that old man – the oldest fighter in the revolution…His name was Haj Ali Soluyman.  He formed the Lovers of Mustafa Battalion consisting of his children and grandchildren in Aleppo.  Well, he died, but at least he died fighting for something he believed in, to protect the people he loved, and make his world a better place.


Ok, if you can see this, you’re probably British, so if you can, give to this cause – it’s entirely for basic humanitarian supplies.  A lot of the people dying do so for lack of basic supplies, like gauze and bandages, so some of our amazing doctors are heading over there to try and help. https://www.facebook.com/mosaicsy  or http://www.mosaicsyria.org/about-us/who-are-we

A UK Aid Convoy (part of the Syria Mosaic Initiative) will be leaving this October!This convoy is to take off from Manchester on 30 October 2012.The collaborative UK Aid Convoy of 8 Ambulances and 3 Vans will be delivering:New winter clothes, Blankets, Medical equipment and the like.  Donate if you can.


One thought on “24 October 2012

  1. egotistical Glaswegian

    That first line about ‘which state’ sounds like a bad joke. Poor buggers. 😦

    Whilst trying to remain apolitical about it – the more I look into the politics of Syria the murkier it becomes and nobody comes out smelling of roses – I have to admire the old fella.
    To believe enough, and to be brave enough – especially at his more advanced years – to pick up a weapon and stand his ground … He had to know that there was no way he was going to survive this conflict.
    That, in my opinion, deserves enormous respect
    I hope his death was quick and as painless as it is possible to be.


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