Beautiful … and deadly


4 thoughts on “Beautiful … and deadly

  1. egotistical Glaswegian

    What is it, do you know?
    I’m guessing it’s deploying flares, but I wouldn’t have thought (from what I know of the comparative combat technologies) that there was any need to.

    1. Nick

      Late to the party, but my first thought was that looks like a Sukhoi Su-27 with an engine fire, also dropping flares. But the smoke trail didn’t make much sense, and the Syrian airforce never operated Su-27s, so my curiousity led me to do a quick search.

      The link below is to a photography contest entry to Flight Global, the website of Flight International, a reputable aviation magazine. The first photo shows an Su-27 performing at the 2007 Moscow Airshow, dropping flares and diving at a high enough angle of attack to be condensing water vapour out of the air behind the wings. It looks similar enough to the posted photo that I could believe it was the same event photographed from a different angle. Even if not, I’m convinced that was an airshow picture that’s being misrepresented.

      1. elcunliffe Post author

        Now that *is* interesting – thank you. I really appreciate that sort of information, because it’s the kind of thing I have no way of verifying of knowing about at all. The complexities of the information being presented grow ever murkier…
        Much appreciated!

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