The oldest fighter in the revolution

I’m not sure what struck me about this, as with most of the things I put up here… his dedication perhaps.  The fact that he looks like the kind of guy you would want as your grandfather, maybe… I don’t know.

The Liberation of Aleppo: The Oldest Fighter in the Revolution

Posted on October 6, 2012


Meet the oldest fighter in the revolution, from Sab`a Bahrat in Aleppo on the front lines, September 24, 2012. A true hero, he is in his seventies and has been fighting for a week after having helped the FSA for three months. When asked why he entered the fight, he said that religion requires this from him as the tyrants are waging a war against it. His message to all the fighters is for them to correct their intention into being for God alone, as this is a struggle for the sake of God, not for money or status, and that only pleasing God is the objective. He calls upon all Muslims, young and old, to defend their honour and their homes, for if they don’t who else will, he asks. Whoever is able to carry arms has to defend his religion. Bashar al-Assad is a tyrant, the son of tyrant whose tyranny runs all the way up to his grandfather. He calls upon all of the tyrants to repent to God, if there is room for such repentance, because like it is now it is the opposite of that.


2 thoughts on “The oldest fighter in the revolution

  1. Egotistical Glaswegian

    He looks like a nice old fella – for the record it isn’t immediately clear if the “meet the oldest” paragraph is your own words or not.
    I assume that they’re not as it really doesn’t sound like you – but since the blog is open, and it’s not obvious I figured I should say.


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